Height 80 mm
Width 60 mm
Thickness 37 mm
Weight 130 g
Power supply 12
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Hubble 2.0 is a reliable portable optical hidden camera detector.

Hubble 2.0 Hidden Camera Detector is designed to search and locate hidden video cameras camouflaged in the interior, including those with a 'pinhole' type of lens, regardless of their status, type of video transmission or video signal recording. This is an irreplaceable device to search for hidden spy cameras. It offers truly best price/quality ratio.

The operation principle of the device is based on the re-reflection from camera optics of light source, which emanating from the device and located on the same optical axis (light source - camera being detected - operator's eye). Regardless of whether the camera is on or off, it can be detected if the operator is in the field of view of the camera. The angle of detection of the camera depends solely on the angle of the lens field of view of this video camera.


  •  Original, rubberized and shockproof case.
  •  Virtually invisible in the hand. Taking into account the wishes of the security structures, the dimensions  are reduced to  75x35x60 mm.
  •  Weight is only 100 grams.
  •  Bright LED lighting (50 cd).
  •  Uniform illumination of the entire survey field.
  •  Convenient adjustment of sharpness.
  •  The focus range is from 1 meter to infinity.

Technical Characteristics:

Zoom (optical), times


Viewing angle ~, °


Wavelength of the backlight source (red), nm


Brightness of the backlight source, cd


Bandwidth, MHz


Power source

CR123A / 3V

Battery life from power source ~, hours


Overall dimensions, mm


Weight, kg


Focusing range, m

from 1 to ?

Well-priced compact optical video camera detector with LED backlight (50cd). Three-fold optical zoom with the option of sharpness adjustment. The device is assembled in an original rubberized shockproof case.

To search for a camera, rotate focusing ring and set the focus to the object under study. Then press the button to turn on point source of red light.

If there is a hidden video camera, there will be a characteristic reflection from the lens of this camera in the eyepiece of the HUBBLE detector, regardless of whether it is on or not.

The camera detection angle depends solely on the angle of the lens field of view of this video camera. The detection distance depends on various factors, such as external illumination, camera lens features, visual acuity of the operator performing the search and can be up to 10 m.

Height 80 mm
Width 60 mm
Thickness 37 mm
Weight 130 g
Power supply 12
Battery life 20 hours

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