Height 75 mm
Width 55 mm
Thickness 25 mm
Weight 100 g
Battery life in record mode up to 8 hours
Power supply 12
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DOZOR is found to be the world smallest body camera which can record continuously up to 8 hours HD video by means of rechargeable battery.
DOZOR can be successfully used by:

  -   Police
  -   Security guards
  -   Firefighters
  -   Money Collectors
  -   Army
  -   Traffic Inspectors
  -   Emergency Rescue
  -   Any other specialists with everyday needs of high quality video-recording to do their job better and safer.


  •    Full HD (1080p) video + wide angle 160° lens
  •    Up to 8 hours video recording powered by built-in battery (up to 24 hours with optional external battery pack)
  •    IP65 weatherproof design (operating within temperature range -20? — +60?)
  •    Ready to go 24*7*365 (night mode provided by hybrid IR+LED lights)
  •    Lightweight (100g) and easy to use (only 3 buttons)
  •    Free PC software for archiving and searching records in the set
  •    Professional terminal backup, charging and storage at 28 registrars for large systems (optional)




 CMOS 1/2.5", 5Mpxl

 Field of View:

 160° (diagonal angle), 110° (horizontal angle)

 Night Vision:

Yes – Two built-in Leds, 1st – white led, 2nd – IR led & IR cut filter for BW mode


 1 Lux (LEDs off), 0 Lux (LEDs on)




 Video Quality:

 Multiple Recording Resolutions

(1080p/30fps, 720p/30fps, 480p/30fps)

Compression, file


H.264, MOV

Segmentation (file


10 – 30min

 Date & Time Stamp:

 Yes - Selectable On/Off

 Storage Capacity:

32GB MicroSD (built in)

Stored Video, Length:

18 hrs. - w/ 32Gb Storage (720p/30fps), 12 hrs. - w/ 32GB Storage (1080p/30fps)

 Storage Level:

 Visual Indicator and Audible Alarm


 Yes. Movement activated recording

 Image “Snapshots”:

 Yes - Capture still images up to 5 Megapixels


Yes - Built-in, High-Fidelity Microphone



 Built-in, Rechargeable, High-Capacity Lithium ion

Charging Time/Format:

 3-5 hrs. / USB via computer, AC-adaptor, or vehicle-adaptor (both adaptors included)

 Power consumption




Battery Life:

7 hrs.* Continuous (2200mAh) / 8hrs.* Continuous (2700mAh) (2 types of batteries) 24hrs.* Continuous - w/ optional Portable Power-Pack/Charger)

* in day mode with 720p recording resolution.

 Battery Level:

 Visual Indicator and Audible Alarm


 Video Output:


 Video Transfer:

 USB 2.0


 Windows Operating Systems

The screenshot from video made by DOZOR proves faces recognition from the distance up to 10 meters.


DOZOR-LITE is free PC software supplied with DOZOR body camera:

  -   enables configure the camera, archive records, implement criteria-based search of the database, export the selected records and capture screenshots. 

  -   gives access to setting up: recording resolution, file size (in min.), titles (date & time), cycle recording, G-sensor, safe mode and synchronizing with PC's Date & time.

  -   access the camera memory providing the following features: format, copy, remove, delete records.

For professional use with large Personal CCTV systems it is recommend to use Terminal for archiving, charging and backup storage.


Height 75 mm
Width 55 mm
Thickness 25 mm
Weight 100 g
Battery life in record mode up to 8 hours
Power supply 12
Built-in flash memory 32 Gb
Interface USB 2.0
Battery charging time 3-5 hours

Delivery set:

1. Personal Videp Recorder
2. Chest (pocket) bracket and shoulder bracket
3. Carrying case on the waist belt
4. Safety cord
5. AC 220V charger
6. Car charger 12V*
7. USB-MiniUSB power cable*
8. USB-MiniUSB data cable
9. CD with software
10. Protective box*
11. User manual


Please note: software upgrade can cause recorder’s breakdown. This is not a warranty case. All the new recorders have the latest software version and there is no necessity to upgrade software after buying the recorder. Don’t take the risk. In case there are problems with audio recorder operation please apply to our technical support specialist:

Software Firmware Manual to
Series manual Supplement to the model
Dozor Short User Manual Leaflet Dozor Catalogue file
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