Pilot-M1 Explosive Detector


Height 310 mm
Width 190 mm
Thickness 90 mm
Weight 1.8
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Portable explosive vapor detector Pilot-M1 is intended for detection both vapor and trace amounts (microparticles) of explosives (type DNT, TNT, HMX, PENT) at surface of various objects. Detection is ensured by taking air samples from inner space of inspected objects and their subsequent analysis. Remote trier with grid thickener (part of delivery set) allows to take samples in dusty and smoky areas.

Pilot-M1 is used in the solution questions maintenance safety of organisations , enterprises, banks, offices, living premises, various types of transport (automobile, aerial, railway, aqueous). 

Moreover, there is a method of taking samples by special napkins, which are later warmed up in a sample heater, which is also added to a delivery set.

Distinctive features:

  • Combines high sensitivity, selectivity and noise immunity.
  • Wide range of detected explosives.
  • The operation threshold of the detector is adjustable depending on the surroundings.
  • Provides sound and visual (on the display) indication of the presence of explosive vapours.
  • Battery discharge indication.
  • Does not contain radioactive sources.
  • Does not require periodical adjustment and setup procedures.
  • Does not require special gas supply.

The list of substances which could be detected by Pilot-M1:

Nitroglycerine (NG), EGDN, trinitrotoluene (tol, trotyl, TNT), PENT (tetranitrapentaerythrit, pentaerythrittetranitrate, Pentrit, PETN), hexogen (RDX), oktogen (HMX), tetryl (Tetril), threeacetonethreeperoxide (Cyclethreeacetonethreeperoxide, TATP) and nitrocellulose powders, engaging mixing explosives on their ground: Semtex and other plastic and elastic explosives on the basis of RDX, PENT or their mixture, В-type compositions (ТГ-20, ТГ-40, ТГ-60, ТГ-80, МС, ТГАФ)*, С-type (С1, С2, С3, С4, ПВВ-4*, ПВВ-5А*, ПВВ-7*, ПВВ-12М*, ЭВВ-11*, ЭВВ-32* and etc.), Н-6, HBX, Minol-2, Amatol (ammatol, ammonite, 6-ЖВ*), Primacord, Primasheet, Tetritol, Tritonal, Cordit N, А-IX-1, А-IX-2, А-IX-20, octols*, ocfols* and some other mixing explosives.

* - explosives of Russian origin

The device construction and analysis algorithms provide high selectivity and noise reduction.

In contrast to analogue equipment Pilot-M1 doesn't contain radioactive source and is absolutely safe for operator and environment. Therefore, there are no limitations for purchasing, keeping, transporting, and utilization of the device. Main parts and its design are protected by four patents for development and one patent for industrial sample.

Special software allows comparing registered spectrum to typical spectrum of pure and mixed explosives and sending it to a remote PC. On an ionogram, displayed the monitor, operator can identify explosive type. 

Technical Specifications:

Detected explosive vapours

TNT, EGDN, PETN, cyclonite,

 NG and compositions on their base

Sensitivity threshold (TNT sample) at 20 ± 2 °С, not worse than, g/cm3


Response time, sec


Readiness time, sec


Remoteness at taking air samples up to, sm


Alarm indication

Visual and audible

Dimentions, mm

310 х 190 х 90

VD mass (incl. rechargeable battery), kg


Power source

DC 7.2V rechargeable battery/ 

AC (190-242)V 50 Hz

Battery life at least, hours


Operating conditions:

- temperature, °C

- humidity at 25 °С, %

from + 5 up to + 40

up to 90

Height 310 mm
Width 190 mm
Thickness 90 mm
Weight 1.8
Battery life at least 4 hours

Delivery set:

1. Pilot-M1
2. Test unit (Imitator of explosive) 
3. Sample Heater 
4. Folding Stand for EDV
5. Self-contained Gauze Sampler Pump 
6. Metallic Gauze Sampler - 3 pcs.
7. Special Swab Sampler - 30 pcs.
8. AC / DC Adapter - 2 pcs.
9. Charger 
10. Tweezers
11. User’s Manual
12. Carrying case

Please note: software upgrade can cause recorder’s breakdown. This is not a warranty case. All the new recorders have the latest software version and there is no necessity to upgrade software after buying the recorder. Don’t take the risk. In case there are problems with audio recorder operation please apply to our technical support specialist: support@ts-market.com

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