We are glad to present you our new products:

Video Recorder with the location tracking and Wireless Exploration Device 360°

BADGE - audio and video recording equipment with the location tracking


BADGE provides continuous recording (up to 12 hours) while officer is on-duty. It tracks the location of the officer via built-in GLONASS/GPS-receiver and transmits its coordinates via GSM channel.




- Saving of date, time and coordinates with overlay text onto the image.

- Possibility to track the root on the regional map.

- Recordings are saved in special format to 32 GB memory card.

- Downloading of the selected recordings to the hard drive via software and card reader.

- Color video camera (H.264, up to 4 Mbit/s) with automatic switching of the day and night modes, viewing camera angle is 70°.

- can be used as individual device as well as within multi- functional systems to help to solve problems encountered by police’s subdivisions and other authorities.

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SPHERE - Wireless Exploration Device (360°)

SPHERE is designed to collect audio-, video data in hard to reach or dangerous zones. The system transmits the data by wireless channel to the video surveillance and remote control unit. Device is designed as a ball containing 4 video cameras with LED backlight, microphone and data transmitter.

SPHERE has an extraordinary function to provide simultaneous video data transmission from 4 video cameras without any loss of image quality to remote control unit.





- Panoramic 360° view.

- Vertical positioning of the device.

- Maintains multiple throwing and drop from 5m height.

- Video data transmission range to the remote control unit at least 50 m.

- Operating time at least 60 min.

- Diameter 90mm.

- Weight 610g

- Ultra sensitive microphone.



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