Edic-Suite app!

Edic Suite helps you to keep track of all Edic-mini voice recordings on your computer (except for recordings made on series CARD and CARD16)

The program consists of recordings organizer and easy&simple player

Organizer’s functionality:

- Automatic searching for all recorded files uploaded to PC from voice recorders.
Arranging the recordings by date and time, thus you can easily find needed fragment.

Player comes with  features: 

- trim tool, 
- noise removal, 
- autogain, 
- channel mixer, 
- converter into flac, 
- autopause playback.

Edic-Suite automatically tracks:

• WAV files uploaded to PC from EDIC-mini voice recorders
• WAV files with BEXT time markers (according to the open   specification of EBU 3285)

Audio Editor/Player supports MP3, OGG, AIF, AIFF, WAV, FLAC.
You are welcome to find application at the page of any recorder in Product files tab, or 



Enjoy testing!

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