KAIR-SM portable thermal imaging camera is intended to observe objects or protected areas at any time of the day under bad weather conditions, as well as to tackle anti-terrorist and special tasks, conduct patrol works, search and rescue operations, including during natural disasters, while operating in moderate climate conditions both outdoors and indoors.




KAIR-SM features special  functions and adjustments:

- switching between thermal image display modes: hot-white (positive), hot-black (negative);

- digital zoom x1, x2, x4;

- indication of battery charge level;

- brightness adjustment;

- automatic shutdown of the device during battery discharge.



Maximum range of human detection at least 220

Maximum range of human recognition at least 70 m

Maximum range of car detection at least 680 m

Maximum range of car recognition at least 220 m

Radiation receiver type - aSi uncooled microbolometer

Number of sensitive detector elements (matrix): 384x288 pixels.

Focusing range of the lens from 0.5 m to ?.

Built-in color OLED microdisplay, with a resolution of 800x600 pixels.

Overall dimensions of the device up to 125x65x45 mm;

Weight of the device with standard batteries up to 0.25 kg.

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