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Now we are happy to offer you Voice Recorder Colibri-SD in 2 possible cases:


1. In  case of Access Card (pass)
2. In case of USB-flash drive 

Recorders look like:


USB-flash drive



 Choose the case suitable for you!


Credit card sized voice recorder Colibri-SD features Stereo Mode (2 microphones) and micro SD card.


-   Rechargeable battery allows for at least 22 hours of continuous recording.

-   Password is encrypted with AES standard, 128 bit.

-   Credit card size: 86 x 54 x 1.5 mm.

-    Sample rate: 48 kHz.

-   Power supply: built-in lithium-polymer rechargeable battery.

-   Built-in battery capacity: 180 mA*h.

-    Battery life in Power Saving Mode: more than 3000 hours.

-   Option to automatically record by two timers.

-   Recording format: WAVE PCM 16kHz, Stereo.

-   Dynamic range: 80 dB.

-   Frequency band: 300-8000 Hz.

-   Built-in optional band-pass filter with adjustable cutoff boundaries.


High microphones sensitivity enables top-quality recording in complicated acoustic environment, including noisy areas and street. Enjoy listening the Record Sample (Direct link –

In addiion information recorded onto the Colibri-SD is protected by digital signature, which makes it possible to identify whether the recorded voice information has been modified.



To get more photos of Colibri-SD, please, contact us!

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