Dear Friends!

Let us familiarize you with peculiar properties 

of our Edic-mini Voice Recorders.


Firstly! Remember that recordings made with Edic-mini are appropriate to use in police and court – special unnoticeable markers help to define the integrity (authenticity) of the recorded voice information.

Secondly! Edic-mini – the smallest recorders in the world. We have already three models registered in Guinness Records Book. And our new record - Edic-mini Tiny+ B70 confirmed its smallest sizes in Russian Records Book this year.

Thirdly! Edic-mini products make long-duration recording from large distance. Built-in microphone Knowles (USA) provides professional audio recording in different acoustic environment from up to 15 meters; and autonomous operation with VAS mode enables to perform recording up to few months.


Which Edic-mini to choose?

We provide 10 series of Edic-mini recorders for different purposes.

Each series defines the key features of the recorder. Within the series, recorders differ only with appearance, power supply type and the recording duration.

Start your choice with the series…

·         Tiny+ mini voice recorders with simple controls and high record quality. The optimal solution for most situations.

·         Tiny16+ recorders with improved 16-bit audio codec, automatic sound amplification and distance adjustment. When maximum quality is required.

·         Tiny/Tiny16 – classic series of miniature voice recorders with good quality and ease of use. A good buy!

·         LED/Ray/LCD/Pro/Plus    features wider functionality - the possibility to play the recordings back using headphones or upload them onto a computer as standard audio files. OLED indicator provides high-contrast and wide-angle viewing and a lot more.

·         EMM Tiny models use external power source. Circular recording mode allows conducting continuous audio recording which makes the recorder an ideal "black box" to reconstruct the sequence of important events of your life. Just set the recorder into the room and do not bother that it will discharge.



We will be more than happy to assist you if any questions!

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