Micro SD card and 24-bit audio codec!

Series MAG welcomes new Digital Voice Recorder - MAG-24!



                                                                           Universal recorder to record telephone conversations, meetings, interviews and a lot more...


Miniature recorder MAG-24 is intended for monophonic high-quality recording of acoustic information. Recording can be implemented both from built-in or external microphone and also from linear input. The recorder has light and solid metal case, which protects device from mechanical damage and electromagnetic control of recorder’s suppressors.


                   Dimensions: 49x26x10 mm;

                         Battery life in record mode: up to 7 h;

                         Micro SD card capacity: from 2 to 32 Gb

                         Power supply: rechargeable battery.


Competitive advantages

•          Audio information is saved onto micro SD card, which makes MAG-24 “invisible” for recorder detectors

•          24-bit audio codec and absence of shrinking algorithms provide high quality recording

•          Recording playback can be performed from to the PC or directly from the recorder.

•          LED of battery charge indicator

•          Built-in clock and calendar

•          Programmable microphone gain

•          Voice Activation System (VAS)

•          Automatic gain control



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