Metal Detectors are designed to search for and identify metal objects
 in the dielectric (dry sand, wood) and low conducting (soil, brick walls) media.

We are happy to release to the world market 3 well-proven models
 of professional, computerized, highly sensitive selective metal detectors!

Signum MFT 7272M - the most advanced and best selling model


Signum is an eddy current selective metal detector that works on the principle of induction balance. The device uses the original technology of signal processing sensor-technology space and harmonic filtering (SFT), minimizing the hindering effect of ferrous soil (salinity) and, thereby, increasing the reliability of the identification of deep and small objects. Signum allows the ability to work in water depths of up to 15 meters, without submerging the control box.

  • Weight: 1,25 kg
  • Frequency band: from 1 to 30 kHz
  • Maximum detection coin Ø25 mm: 60 cm or 23.5 in) (large objects - 150 cm or 59 in)
  • Operation time: up to 20 hours
  • Other distinctive features: unique algorithm to identify flat iron objects (S-algorithm); unique option to suppress indication of "hot rocks" with no discrimination; the multi-frequency technology (MFT) and much more!

Please see the detailed description here.

Sorex PRO 7281 - one of the most versatile instruments 

with a record depth of detection and unique identification capabilities.

AKA-Sorex Pro.jpg

Sorex is a selective eddy current metal detector with equalized induction transducer (searchcoil). It has several switchable main algorithms of signal processing which allows device adjustment for various search conditions: from trashy areas to deep search of single targets. The device equipped with 15DD-3kHz searchcoil may detect soldier’s helmet down to 1.4 m). The main distinctive feature of that model is its switch option for the so-called searchcoil signal main algorithm (MA) processing. This option provides better customization to search conditions and increases target identification reliability.  

  • Weight: 0.7 kg (without the searchcoil)
  • Frequency band: from 1 to 22 kHz
  • Maximum detection coin Ø25 mm: up to 47 cm
  • Operation time: up to 30 hours
  • Interface: comprehensive sound and visual identification system

Please see the detailed description here.

Berkut-5 - brand new and promising model with improved characteristics: 
depth detection and identification of objects in soil, separation purposes littered on the ground and mach more


Berkut has technology of mediated imaging of the objects of search in the form of spectral hodographic images on the screen of graphic LCD display (128x64 pixels). Programmable fun
ction button allows the user to set up one of the possible functions to be performed when the button is pressed. Possible functions: control of the sensor's current, display highlight control, enabling of power-saving mode, switching on/off the analog mode.

  • Weight: 1,3 kg
  • Frequency band: from 1,5 to 22 kHz
  • Maximum detection coin Ø25 mm: 45 cm (large objects - 250 cm)
  • Operation time: up to 27 hours
  • Other distinctive features: programmable function button; 4 custom search programs; automatic, semi-automatic and manual ground balance; Pin-Point mod e and much more.

Please see the detailed description here.

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