Artificial intelligence security

Today it is hard to believe.

Tomorrow it will become usual.


Tral Patrol Security Robot is a reliable solution for assuring security of personal and business property. Mobile video surveillance system continuously patrols the secured area, greatly enhancing the level of protection and dramatically reducing the dependence on human factor, especially when patrolling areas an expanded territory.

Security Robot is searching for dealers-lessors!

   Currently, a robot is expensive and complex product that requires service and technical maintenance. This is a reason why it is very difficult for a regular security provider to ensure its own maintenance. It is much more attractive to sign a leasing contract with a company that will provide a delivery of robot, training and scheduling of a patrolling route, and in case of failure will repair or replace a security robot. In addition, many security providers are looking into ways to improve security services while lowering their costs, which is possible only by switching from employing people to implementing robotic systems to ensure security. A security provider that switches to security robots will be able to offer best prices and strengthen its competitive position among other companies in the security sector.

   That is why it opens up opportunities to lease robots. The operation of the rented robots involves the preparation of route patrols, the deployment of the wireless network, trial operation for route optimization, routine maintenance and possible repairs. Company can optimize the business processes for the production of services.

   The above-described small business, that can be created from scratch, is attractive by receiving a monthly income from rendered services. This is an extremely important addition to direct sales, generating profits only in the moment of fulfillment of the transaction. All sold robots create a source of permanent income, in the process of their subsequent operation.

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