Recorders with removable memory cards

The device with removable card has a number of advantages:

There is no dependency on particular memory capacity. If the card is full, you can insert another one and continue operating with it. 

You can give the card to anyone without giving the Recorder itself. This is important if you don’t convert recording to text yourself. The card can easily be hidden, put into safe-deposit box or sealed envelope. Law enforcement authorities and courts trust sealed cards more.

Edic-mini Tiny xD A69
   The Edic-mini Tiny xD A69 Recorder operates under plug-in memory card with the capacity of 2Gb.  Audio recorder has handy & solid metal case. Power consumption of the device was minimized up to record level, which provides high autonomy & miniature size of A69. 

Technical characteristics: 

Dimensions: 67 x 45 x 8 mm;
Weight:  40g (with rechargeable battery);
Battery life in record mode: 200 h.

Please see the detailed description here.

Edic-mini Tiny xD В68
B68 mini.jpg

The Recorder is in convenient and light plastic case. Energy consumption of Edic-mini Tiny xD B68 has been minimized to record level, which is reflected in the autonomy’s level of the device and its dimensions. There is the option to read data from memory cards by a special USB 2.0 Reader (up to 5.5 Mbs).
The Edic-mini Tiny xD B68 Recorder operates under plug-in memory card with the capacity of 2Gb.

Technical characteristics:

Dimensions: 56 X 30 X 8 mm;
Weight:  9 g;
Battery life in record mode: up to 100 hours.

Find more details here.

Edic-mini LCD xDM A67
The distinctive feature of the Edic-mini LCD xDM A67 model is the option to record onto a removable xD card.

Solid and light metallic case protecting the Recorder against mechanical damage or electromagnetic interference is produced in two colours: black and silver.

For more convenient operation of Edic-mini LCD xDM A67 there is the xD card Reader which is on the delivery set. The device helps to upload recordings from flash cards onto the PC as well as to send files of any formats between them. The Reader supports USB 2.0 protocol providing maximum exchange rate with the PC of up to 5,5 Mbs.

Edic-mini LCD xDM A67 operates under wide temperature range of -20 to +50 °С.

Technical characteristics:

Dimensions: 51 Х 50 Х 13  mm;
Weight:  47 g;
Battery life in record mode: up to 160 hours.

Write the detailed description here.

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