TS-Market newcomer – Tral Patrol 2 video surveillance system

Online video surveillance system Tral Patrol 2 is a detector providing the focus of high-speed dome camera to the moving object by analyzing video image from the review camera.

The system is characterized by: automatic motion directed dome camera, autonomous optical mechanics node, look-up angle up to 360° and ability to distinguish a man’s face from the distance of 100 meters.

Tral Patrol 2 provides the user with a wealth of advantages: 

  • Controlled camera focuses automatically on the moving object multiply zooming it and ensures recognition of a man’s face within the radius of 100 m
  • The device settings allow specifying priority zones
  • The tracking system provides area surveillance at the square of 1 hectare ( the detailing is similar to the standard camera picture from 3-5 meters)
  • The device has two modes: Day and Night, depending on the level of illumination 
  • Tral Patrol 2 requires minimum number of settings when performing self-supporting installation 
  • The detector can be supplied either separately or as a constituent part of the system 
  • The system provides 24/7 work without operator control

Tral Patrol 2 includes:
  • High-speed dome camera
  • 4 review cameras
  • 3 detectors “Tral Patrol”
  • 1 “Tral Patrol Master”
  • Video server “Tral 5”
  • Network concentrator 
  • Power supply block

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Please see more details here.

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