The last 9 pieces of A75 in stock

Dear Partners, 

We draw your attention to the remains of the model A75 in stock!

Now – is the last chance to purchase voice recorder Edic-mini Tiny 16+ A75 this year, as it will not be manufactured for some time.

In stock now 9 pieces of EM Tiny+ A75

Professional voice recorder Edic-mini Tiny+ A75-150HQ is the thinnest among the recorders of the Tiny+ series only 4 mm!

Dimensions - 77x27x4mm
Weight - 13 g
Case - metal
Record time (memory capacity in hours) - 150h
Battery life in record mode - up to 70 hours
Battery life in VAS mode - up to 150 hours
Power supply - rechargeable battery
Built-in flash memory - 4 Gb

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