Dear Partners,

We are glad to present you our new miniature recorders!

Digital Voice Recorder Soroka-11E with LR1 battery of 1.5 V!

Advantages of Soroka-11E:

  • Battery-powered voice recorder
  • Due to the small size, light weight and removable microSD card the device is very mobile and easy to use
  • The recorder's microphone is distinguished by high sensitivity and low noise level providing professional audio recording from up to 9 meters
  • Extremely low power consumption: device is able to operate in record mode up to 10 days from its battery

See full characteristics and description here

Digital Voice Recorder Soroka-17E!


Advantages of Soroka-17E:

  • Despite its small size, the recorder provides high-quality recording of phonograms and is capable of continuous sound recording up to 65 hours 
  • The tiniest recorder of all Soroka recorders (26,5x26,8x5,3 mm)

See full characteristics and description here

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