New product: hidden video cameras detector OPTIC-2

Please meet new detector OPTIC-2!

"Optic-2" is a professional hidden camera detector designed to detect and locate hidden or camouflaged camcorders and pinhole cameras, regardless of their status (on/off). The reverse reflection from hidden camera lenses will be seen throught Optic-2 oculars as a green or red dots.

Technical advantages:

- Built-in battery allows not to worry about battery cells
- With 6.5x zoom you'll be able to look over carefully the smallest details and hardly reachable elements of the area

- The detector allows to inspect the objects more qualitatively
- It's more comfortable when you don't need to close one eye compared with monoculars
- If you find a hidden camera lens with the “Optic-2”, you will see a green or red point or spot of light. This is the result of light reflection from the camera lens

Detection range

0,5-50 m

Angle of view

7,5 degrees


125x85x65 mm

Battery type

Rechargeable, Li-Ion 3,6 V


450 g

Operating time (fully charged)

4-6 hours (continuous/blinking)

Please see the detailed description on our web-site here

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