New and promising addition to Tiny16 series – model A35.

The A35 audio recorder is our exclusive Special Offer – this model is designed as an attractive pen.
This model singles out against the others – it will serve you an inconspicuous witness in many situations: at the negotiations, at the interview with a person, examination at the court, at the lecture or simply in your office every day.
Such a pen will become an indispensable assistant for private investigators and journalists. The application is broad!

Compared to other gadgets that are available in the market this product is it has:

  •    Longer recording duration: up to 1200 hours.
  •    High quality recording because of 16 bit audio codec.
  •    Simplified functionalities.
  •    High sensitivity microphone (operating distance is 10- 12 m).
  •    Build in AGC system, which allows dynamically regulate the amplification (starting from +10 dB) depending on the sound volume: it is possible to justify recording loudness at different distances, to eliminate overloading n in the near-field region and to improve audibility in the far-field zone.
  •    Voice Activating System
  •    Timer to turn on the recorder
  •    Password protection                                                                                                 

Technical Characteristics:

 Case  Metal
 Dimensions, mm   
 Weight, grams
 Record time 
  from 150 to 1,200 hours
 Battery life in record mode, hours 48
 Power supply 140 mAh Li-Pol rechargeable battery
 Data transfer rate to PC via built-in USB slot

A35 recorder is a perfect present: it is packed in a souvenir metal box

You are welcome to find more detailed description at our website here.

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