NEW! Edic-mini PRO – A38

This is something unusual! A38 – looks like an MP3 player, but it really isn’t.

This audio recorder has an OLED indicator with 104x16 pixels resolution and shipped headphones to listen to the recordings made.
Recording time in VAS mode is up to 500 hours!!! Modifications available:  A38-150h, A38-300h, A38-600h, A38-1200h, A38-2400h (digits in the models' names show the built-in flash memory capacity, 2 bit ADPCM, sampling rate 8 kHz).
Easy to charge, using  the USB cable. New function - time marking.  

Convenient and stylish, A38 is perfect for everyday usage:

  •    Metal case.
  •    Dimensions: 12x38x41 mm.
  •    Weight: 23 gram (without rechargeable battery).
  •    Durable and light metal case, electromagnetic interference-resistant.
  •    OLED-indicator with large contrast range and wide angle of view.
  •    Build-in USB 2.0 interface allows high speed data exchange between the recorder and the computer (5.5 Mb/sec).
  •    Multilevel access system to the recorder's functions.
  •    8 user settings of recording parameter.
  •    Opportunity to delete recordings optionally.
  •    Built-in microphone operating distance: 7- 9 m
  •    Optional accessory: external microphone with compressor (+/-6 dB) for PRO Series.

Try this one!

Edic-mini PRO Series description - here. Edic-mini PRO A38 description - here.

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