A40 audio recorder – must-have stylish accessory

Today we proudly introduce our novelty.
Tiny16 series is very popular among audio recording professionals as well as amateurs because of its high technical characteristics: 16 bit audio codec, which provides high quality recording, build-in AGC system, that allows to adjust the record mode to the environmental conditions and high sensitive microphone (10-12 m). This is why we are eager to add the brand-new model, which will answer the requirements of this series – A40.

This rechargeable battery-powered device can record up to 70 hours to the build-in flash-memory with up to 1200h capacity. The absence of standard USB slot makes it look a beautiful accessory. A40 is ideal as a stylish gift. And above all, wooden case is the most ecological and natural material.
Carving will be optional according to the customer's wishes - we are ready to fulfill any of your cherished dreams.


  •    Wooden case
  •    Dimensions: 62 х20х11 mm
  •    Weight: 11 grams
  •    Operating temperature range: 0…+40˚ C (32…+104˚F)
  •    Recording mode: Mono
  •    Recording time: from 150 to 1,200 hours
  •    Battery life in record mode (sampling rate 8 K Hz, without compression): 70 hours
  •    Battery life in record mode with VAS (audio signals below threshold): 20 days
  •    In stand-by mode: up to 2 years
  •    Power supply: 140 mA/h Li-Pol rechargeable battery
  •    Built-in microphone sensitivity: 9-12 m
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