We launched a brand new series of audio recorders - Edic Mini PLUS !

The first representative of the series – A9 Model.

Our experience and new technologies application helped us to noticeably improve the quality of audio recording and make the recorder’s autonomy more reliable by means of reducing power consumption.

Edic-mini Plus recorders have USB 2.0 interface, 16 bit audio codec, which allows to digitize the signal more precisely, date label – the date of the beginning and end of the recording. Capacity of the built-in memory has acquired record-breaking size - 100 days. Miniature sizes, opportunity to play the recording back promptly, using the headphones and a wide range of accessories.

The new A9 model is performed in durable metal case and can be fixed as a key-trinket. Now you can continuously record for up to 210 hours (more than 8 days)!

  •   Easy to charge, using the USB cable. New function - time marking.
  •   Wide range of accessories.

Technical Characteristics:

  •    Dimensions: 11x37x56 mm.
  •    Weight: 29 gram.
  •    Metal case.
  •    Power supply from built-in from 520 mA/hour Li-Pol battery.
  •    Recording time in VAS mode(audio signals below threshold): up to 430 hours
  •    8 user settings of recording parameter.
  •    Opportunity to delete recordings optionally.
  •    Build-in USB 2.0 interface allows high-speed data exchange between the recorder and the computer (5.5 Mb/sec).
  •    Built-in microphone operating distance: 7-9 m.
  •    Convenient working menu.

Additional Accessories:

  •    External microphone
  •    Remote control unit
  •    Telephone line adapter
Edic-mini PLUS Series description - here. Edic-mini PLUS A9 description - here.

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