Dear Partners,



We are delighted to present NEW series in our product range – SOROKA digital voice recorders!


Removable microSD card, Small size and Long record time – that is what make SOROKA recorders so attractive!


Other pleasant advantages:






Size: 28x22.5x9.7 mm

Battery life in record mode up to: 169 h

Audio codec: 16 and 20 bit



Size: 33.3x26x5.3 mm

Battery life in record mode up to: 102 h

Audio codec: 8, 16 and 20 bit

                                     - Power supply: rechargeable battery

                                     - Compact flash card capacity: 16GB

                                     - Microphone sensitivity: 9 m

                                     - Audio recording mode: Mono

                                     - Automatic and Manual Gain Control (AGC)

                                     - Voice Activation System (VAS/VOX),  daily and once timers

                                     - Function of digital signature

                                     - Event logger


These recorders have recommended themselves on the domestic market as reliable and handy devices. Moreover they have rather competitive price among these class recorders. You are invited to get better acquainted with the 2 models 07M and 09M here -

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