Defend your interests

At present digital audio recording can be presented in the court as evidence. We introduce you a device, which will help you to make such recordings!

Production of a new class of digital voice recorders called “Defence” has begun. This new recorder of Edic-mini Tiny 16 series was designed specially to record critical events in your life and to enable you to use the made recordings in the court as evidence.

What helps Defence audio recorder to protect your interests effectively?

• Firstly, it’s impossible to save a file to this voice recorder, i.e. one can’t fake the recording by saving another file to it. Reading and deleting are the only actions available, and the printed circuit board of the voice recorder is covered with a special dope that makes it possible to identify whether the flash drive chip has been replaced.

• Secondly, the voice recorder is always ready for quick recording start thanks to slide switch. Besides a durable metallic case resistant to electromagnetic noises and suppressors of voice recorders will protect it from mechanical damage.

PC software is already built into the voice recorder’s memory, so you needn’t worry that the computer, with the help of which you are going to playback the recording has no software, required for the operation of the voice recorder.

• Defence audio recorder has small size and low power consumption which enables it to operate during up to 40 hours without battery replacement. It is powered by a common AAA battery. When the battery is being replaced, the built-in clocks/calendar data is secured during up to 5 minutes. The built-in memory size (4 GB) makes it possible to make a recording of high quality for up to 28 hours.

You'll find the detailed description here.

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