Dear Friends!


We are thrilled to show you how our recorders involved in studying of wild lynx in northern Canada!




The hunting lynx with E60 recorder attached to the collar


Our clients from McGill University of Canada are exploring predation event/kill rate of lynx by recording sounds from the prey being attacked or from bone crushing mastication. Moreover they pick up vocalization and interaction between individual lynx.


To collect sound information scientists use our EDIC-mini Tiny S E600-1200h Voice Recorders by fixing them on lynx’s collar.




E60 recorder is attached to collar with green colored modeling clay


We are very pleased, that our E600-1200h voice recorder with external power supply and ability to store 1200 hours of recorded information moreover met the size and weight requirements to serve as a fundamental tool in the studies!



Yours faithfully,

TS-Market Ltd.


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