Tiny 16 series new member A63

Sometimes we need to record information without revealing it. Luckily now you have a possibility to do it without any hindrance. New digital voice recorder Edic-mini Tiny 16 A63 allows you to use it without being noticed thanks to special magnet, which can be easily fixed to metal surfaces like beams, legs of other metal goods. 

A 16-bit audio codec provides a professional quality of recording with more accurate signal digitizing due to reduced digital noise.

Being of extremely small size this device can record sounds at a large distance (the sensitivity of a built-in microphone up to 12 m), as well as reinforce faint sounds and deafen loud ones. All this makes it possible to use the voice recorder in situations when in the circumstances of various noises, a high noise level or a great distance to a sound source it is important to obtain a recording of high quality.

Model A63 has a cylindrical metallic case. Battery supply provides with 40 hours in record mode, up to 480 hours in record mode with VAS. The memory size contains up to 1200 hours of recording. 

A63 voice recorder like all of Tiny16 series has a simplified functionality together with high quality of recording.

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