A newcomer in Edic-mini Tiny16 series

It’s common knowledge, that we are living in jet-age and everywhere we are surrounded by information.

How can one manage not to miss anything important in the stream of information? It would seem easy: to use a voice recorder and all problems are solved. Tough luck we are rarely so lucky as to find ourselves near the recorded object, back rows are more often to fall to our lot, that’s why the audio is recorded with all unwanted sounds: whispering of neighbors and microphone noise. One can’t always carry piles of equipment, set microphones on the lecturer’s table, to lay a cable up to your seat… it is merely physically unfeasible. Isn’t there any simple pocket design? There is:

It is EDIC-mini Tiny16 U49, that was developed to overcome such difficulties.

Thanks to 5 divided microphones the voice recorder can record audio from certain direction at a distance of 15 m and considerably reduce background noise of the microphone.

What makes it possible? In case the recorded object is situated aside from the direction of the microphones operation the signal is “cancelled” due to phase difference of sound striking each microphone. In case the recorded object is situated straight in the direction of the microphones operation – sound waves are summarized and the signal is amplified.

Microphone noise is reduced according to the same principle: the noise sound waves do not coincide and the recorded sound waves summarize, that’s why the sound is “cancelled” while the target sound is amplified on the contrary. Noise reduction runs according to the formula:  Аn = А1 /sqr(N) with N being the number of microphones, А1 – the noise background of one microphone, Аn - the noise background of N microphones.

Judging by all the above we can conclude that EDIC-mini Tiny16 U49 will help you to record exactly what you need without anything irrelevant.

You'll find the detailed description here.

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