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Gas analyzers of explosives Pilot-M1 and Pilot-M1 Premium are intended to detect both vapor and trace amounts (microparticles) of explosives (type NG, EGDN, DNT, TNT, HMX, PENT) on a surface of surveyed objects.

Detection is carried out by sampling air from internal volumes of surveyed objects or from their surfaces and the analysis of tests on contents of characteristic components of explosive vapor.



We offer 2 models: Pilot M1 and Pilot-M1 Premium

   The Premium model distinguishes with color LCD monitor to display ionogram using which the operator is able to identify type of explosive detected.

   Both models are supplied with interface cable (USB or RS-232) that ensures data transfer to PC and data storage.

   Special software allows comparing registered spectrum to typical spectrum of pure and mixed explosives.




Pilot-M1 Premium



In contrast to analogue equipment Pilot-M1 detectors doesn't contain radioactive source and is absolutely safe for operator and environment. Main parts and its design are protected by four patents for development and one patent for industrial sample.


Technical Specifications:

Detected explosive vapours

TNT, EGDN, PETN, cyclonite,

 NG and compositions on their base

Sensitivity threshold (TNT sample) at 20 ± 2 °С, not worse than, g/cm3


Response time, sec


Readiness time, sec


Remoteness at taking air samples up to, sm


Alarm indication

Visual and audible

Dimentions, mm

310 х 190 х 90

Power source

DC 7.2V rechargeable battery/

AC (190-242)V 50 Hz

Battery life at least, hours


Operating conditions:

- temperature, °C

- humidity at 25 °С, %

from + 5 up to + 40

up to 90




Pilot-M1 Premium



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