New product from TS-Market - Video Server Tral 5

We invite our partners to distribute a professional feature-rich device, intended for on-line video surveillance based on IP technology.

Special Offer For Dealers:
the first 10 customers  will get a 10% discount for all modifications of Tral 5!

Video Server Tral 5

We present the portable video server Tral 5, which functions as a converter of analog video to compressed digital stream for subsequent transfer over the local network or archiving.

Video server Tral 5 is designed to operate as a core element of video surveillance systems based on IP technology and employing high quality analog cameras. The H.264 compression algorithm provides high-quality digitizing of analog video at 25 fps with resolution 704 х 576. The device has one video and one audio input.

Tral 5 is ideal for on-line video surveillance as:

Single-channel video recorder

Video archive is stored on an external USB HDD connected directly to the video server via USB. Archived data view and on-line view functions are available from a PC that has a local network connection to the video server.

Multi-channel video recorder

 The respective number of video servers, each connected to its own camera, are pooled into a local network using any Ethernet switch at hand. The switch is then connected to a network attached storage (NAS), e.g. a NC Miniserver.

Wireless video recorder

 In order to set up a wireless connection, an external WiFi, WiMAX, or GSM GPRS modem can be connected to the video server.

Sender of photo/video e-mail messages

 When an alarm condition occurs, e.g. an external intruder detection sensor goes off, video server Tral 5 begins data recording in accordance with a timer clock and/or motion sensor.

 Main Characteristics:

  •     25 fps;
  •     H.264 compression algorithm or MPEG4
  •     Additional video-channel
  •     External video archive (NAS or USB HDD)
  •     Low power consumption
  •    Cost-effective solution

Due to small dimensions, 12V power supply and the absence of ventilators Tral 5 can be placed in areas, hard-to-reach for intruders. Moreover, miniature size allows the place the device in the thermal cover together with the camera.

Tral 5 supports professional analog cameras with CCD sensor - input analog videosignal allows to choose camera according to the application conditions. You can select various lenses and thermal covers for the used cameras.
The device differs with economical filling of the archive (due to timer recording opportunity and H.264 compression).

Using Tral 5 PoE avoids the necessity to install electric cable. The built-in video-server PoE splitter provides both server and camera with power supply, using the technology Power over Ethernet (power supply via twisted pair of the local network).

In cases of robbery and break-down of the main network storage the opportunity to use Tral NAS as a duplicating archive, when using a system with many cameras, is provided.

Technical characteristics of  modifications Tral 5.0, Tral 5.0 PoE , Tral 5.1, Tral 5.1 PoE:

Tral 5.0

Tral 5.0 PoE

Tral 5.1

Tral 5.1 PoE

Analog Inputs

1 video, 1 audio

Max frame rate (main channel)

25 fps

Video quality (main channel)

704×288 (interpolated)

704×576 (deinterlacing)

Video resolution and frame rate (additional channel)

320x240, 5 fps


Video compression

H.264 or MPEG4

Switching colour/ black and white


Network protocols

TCP, UDP, IP, RTP, SMTP, NTP, DHCP, NFS, SMB, E-mail client

Digital interfaces

Fast Ethernet 10/100 Base-T, USB 2.0

External sensor interface

Opto-isolator, «dry contact»

Supply voltage 

9…16 V DC

48 V PoE

9…16 V DC

48 V PoE

Power consumption

2 W

2.3 W

2 W

2.3 W


120×55×26 mm

120×55×30 mm

120×55×26 mm

120×55×30 mm






You are welcome to find more detailed description of Tral 5 here.

Special Offer for dealers:

  • 10% discount for all modifications of Tral for the first 10 customers.
  • Special pricing for orders starting from 20 pieces.

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