We inform about new software upgrade version for audio recorders of Edic-mini Tiny and Edic-mini Tiny16 series.

Main differences compared with the previous versions:

-    Compatibility with Windows XP(SP3), Vista и Windows7 (32X and 64X);
-    When connected to PC, the recorder is defined as removable disk and doesn’t require additional drivers to be installed;
-    RecManager program and other necessary instructions are now located in recorder’s memory;
-    RecManager program doesn’t require installation and is run directly from the recorder;
-    Service files are erase-protected in recorder’s memory and can’t be erased by the user (RecManager program, instructions, system files).

You are welcome to download the new Software and Image Writer with the Upgrade Software Instructions from the Download section http://www.ts-market.com/support/download/.

Regarding the rest necessary files:

for the moment the Firmware Updater file and RecManager Manual are available on response. Kindly contact us and we will provide you with these files with pleasure.

The abovementioned files will be shortly available at our site.

Your opinion is important to us. Feel free to ask your questions regarding the new software, using the following e-mail: support@ts-market.com

P.S. Please note:

  • The upgrade procedure should be accomplished using the following operational systems: Windows XP SP3 or Windows Vista 32bit. Otherwise the procedure will be impossible. Kindly use a computer with the abovementioned operational systems to update the software.
  • Please close all the working programs on your computer before the upgrade procedure.

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