TS-Market announce unprecedentedly low prices

for a number of modifications, available at our US store.

We provide our maximum discount for all the models,

subject to our Summer Offer – 38%!!!

Limited Offer! Ending Soon!

 Now more customers can afford a professional digital audio recorder at an attractive price.  Choose among the budget models at a 38% discount:   

 А21 200x152.JPG

  Edic-mini Tiny A21    

  A21-300h      $202,20

      B_32_key_2.jpgEdic-mini Tiny B32   
      B32-150h        $156,40

         Edic-mini Tiny16 A27  Tiny A 27.jpg

         A27-37h        $115,90

         A27-75h        $153,70

         A27-150h      $183,30

    Edic-mini Tiny16 B25В 25.jpg  

    B25-75h         $164,50

    B25-150h       $175,20


     Edic-mini Tiny16 B26

     B26-37h          $153,70

     B26-75h          $164,50

     B26-150h        $175,20


Become an honorable holder of the unique miniature audio recorders at a unique price!


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