TS-Market: B47 - Brand new audio recorder!

The Russian producer of the world’s smallest digital audio recorders Telesystems has launched an attractive device – model B47.  
We are glad to be able to present it to our clients!

B47 recorder is able to match many special requirements operating up to 160 hours from a single charge and recording up to 1200 hours without a break. Voice Activation System provides with even longer recording time within the fixed memory volume. And all this is realized in the extremely small size with the simplest control. The small recorder has the overall dimensions just 50x15 mm.

Pleasant cylindrical shape and metal case of the recorder are very convenient. B47 is powered by three batteries, G 13-A, or zinc-air batteries that provide continuous recording for 160 hours. Such batteries can be easily purchased in any store.

Comes with software and USB connection cable.  Unit options are controlled completely through the USB cable and included software.  If you want the high grade broadcast quality digital audio recorder, this is it!


•    Metal case
•    Dimensions: 50x15mm or 1.96x0.59 inches;  Weight:19 g (without battery);          
•    Sensitivity of the built-in microphone: 7-9m;   
•    Recording mode - Mono;          
•    Battery life in recording mode (sampling frequency: 8 kHz, uncompressed): from G13-A battery - up to 40 hours, from air-zinc batteries - up to 160 hours;
•    Battery life in VAS mode (for the signal below the threshold) - up to 168 hours;   
•    Battery life in stand-by mode – 4,5 months;
•    Power supply: battery G-13A-3 pieces;            
•    USB connector (the battery charges while connected to a computer).

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