Polyzonal Indicator BIK-04E


Height 48 mm
Width 32 mm
Thickness 12 mm
Weight 16 g
Case Plastic
Power supply 13
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Polyzonal indicator of infrasonic signals,electromagnetic fields (EMF) and microwave radiation BIK-04E is used to detect and identify radiation above accepted standards, assessing their level and searching for point sources of radiation with relatively small capacity. The product is equipped with a built-in economy LED flashlight. 

Main competitive advantages:

- Small size and weight;
- Long-term operation of the device from one battery;
- Simple control;
- Monitoring of the discharge level.

Technical characteristics: 

 Operating frequencies: 
 Infrasound 5-20Hz 
 EMF 50-100kHz 
 UHF  0.3-10GHz
 Detection threshold:
 Infrasound ~70dB
 EMF ~2mT
 UHF ~250mW/sm² 
 Dynamic range of input signals  more than 40 dB 
 Structure of indication signals: pulses of 250ms and the cycle of 0,5s 
 Frequency of indication sound signal  4kHz
 Number of LED indicators 4
 Illuminating power of LED flashlight from 0.2 to 2.0 cd
 Power voltage  2.5-3.3V
 Current consumption / operating time: 
 No signal 40mA/5000h
 Light indication 500mA/400h
 Sound indication 720mA/280h
 LED flashlight 800mA-8mA/250-2h
 Dimensions 48×32×12 mm
 Weight (with battery) 16 g

Height 48 mm
Width 32 mm
Thickness 12 mm
Weight 16 g
Case Plastic
Power supply 13
Dynamic range more than 40 dB

Delivery set:

Polyzonal indicator BIK-04E;
Operation manual.

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